#30dayphoto challenge update

so around day 12 of the #30dayphoto challenge my computer died on me... like hard core.  i had to go without it for about 2 weeks while i waited for apple to work their magic.  it was not awesome.  it also majority hindered my participation in the #30dayphoto challenge.  
i would still love to complete the challenge so i will be posting the remaining 18 days of the challenge soonish.  stayed tuned.


day 11: black & white

the shot was actually from a few days ago... but these girls are such cuties that i couldn't help myself.


day 10: whatever you want

had dinner with erin down at cerulean last night.  we had to get one last pavlova in before they changed the menu with the change of the season.

really like that place.  really really like that pavlova.  love that girl.  


day 9: something from a distance

the bayou & the barber shop & their reflections in the pond down in the village.

my town is pretty cool.


day 7: silhouette

i went out last night to shoot some sunset over the lake nature rich silhouette pictures.  they worked out ok.

but when i woke up & this was the first thing i saw i knew i'd like it way better than any black tree & orange sky combo.


day 6: from a low angle

another shot from my weekend at home.

just watching esther act like a little kid and grab as much candy as should could during the labor day parade.